Anyone involved in this discipline who is interested in giving oral or poster presentations is invited to submit their extracts to the organisers.

Where do you submit your abstract?

Please click here to submit your abstract

Deadline for submission of abstracts 
21st February 2019

Rules and guidelines

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English 
  • Abbreviations which are not in common use must not be used. However, if they are essential they must be explained in full.
  • Spelling and grammar must be checked before submission. 
  • The decision on whether the abstract is accepted will be at the sole discretion of the organising committee.
  • Anyone submitting an abstract is expected to attend the conference as a delegate.

Notification of acceptance of submissions
Authors will be notified by 30 May 2019 if their abstracts have been accepted as a presentation at the conference.

Topics to be considered

Topics must fit in with the main theme of the conference: “Occupational Health and Safety in Africa. Challenges and Actions

• OSH in construction, mining, manufacturing, gas and oil and healthcare workers
• Improving health and safety in the informal sector
• OSH training and competency improvement
• Occupational health diseases, rehabilitation and return to work
• Occupational health assessment and fitness to work
• Mental health in workplaces
• Occupational safety and health leadership
• Employee assistance programmes
• Workplace violence and assault
• Aged workforce and pre-retirement programmes
• Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace
• Personal protective equipment
• Workplace inspection and audits.